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If you are in need of ceiling painting services in Calgary, Alberta Colour Painting is the best choice for the job. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering flawless results every time. We understand that having great looking ceilings is just as important as having newly painted walls, which is why we take great care to ensure that every aspect of our process is thorough and effective. We make sure to pay close attention to detail and use only the highest quality products and techniques to achieve a beautiful finish. With Alberta Colour Painting, you can trust that your ceilings will look just as fresh and new as your walls.

interior ceiling preapration for spray painting - light have been lowered and wrapped, walls and cabinets are covered with plastic and paper
interior ceiling preapration for spray painting in central Calgary
interior ceiling spray painted in central Calgary
knockdown ceiling texturing
knockdown ceiling texturing
Bolk head ceilings in a commercial place in Calgary - diferen rounded shapes bulkheads on the ceiling, each shape is a diferent colour

To start, we take great care to protect your floors first , we bring in drop cloths to cover them to prevent any accidental spills or drips. we then bring our tools and then, we carefully cover your furniture and belongings with plastic sheets to ensure that they are protected from any paint splatters or drips. We also shield window frames, door frames, and any other surfaces that may come into contact with paint to prevent any accidental messes. If your walls are not being painted, we'll make sure to cover them as well to protect them from any overspray or splatters. To ensure that everything is fully protected, we use high-quality tapes such as Frog tapes to carefully seal off any edges or corners. This way, we can ensure that your home remains clean and protected throughout the entire painting process.

Before we begin the actual painting process, we take the time to carefully remove any necessary lights and mask around the ones that we are unable to remove. This is to ensure that no paint gets on any electrical fixtures and to protect your home's lighting. To achieve a beautiful, flawless finish on your walls, we use airless pumps with fine nozzles to apply the paint evenly and smoothly. We also use flat paint to eliminate any unwanted shine and to create a more matte, subtle finish. If there are any stains or imperfections on the ceiling, we take the extra step of priming them with an oil-based primer before painting. This helps to cover and conceal any blemishes, ensuring that your ceiling looks clean and smooth once it is painted.

On average, our ceiling painting process takes approximately one day to complete on a standard sized house. However, for larger homes, it may take up to two days to fully paint the ceiling. We have a well-established process that we follow to ensure that the job is done efficiently and to the highest possible standards. If you would like to see the entire process in action, you can check out our gallery page to see some examples of our previous work. If you are looking for the best ceiling painting experience in Calgary, choose Alberta Colour Painting. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality service and delivering excellent results every time.

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