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interior painting project
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interior painting project
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Calgary Drywall Repair & installation

At Alberta Colour Painting, we provide an array of different drywall installation services for residential and commercial properties. Our Calgary drywall installation services include both new constructions and renovations.

Alberta Colour Painting is the premium choice for drywall installation and removal. We take pride in our professionalism, patience and focus when it comes to drywall installation projects. The importance of drywall installation is to ensure your interior walls of your home of office are levelled out, upright and uniformly straight. The products we use are extremely high quality to ensure each wall seamlessly merges into one another and all joins cannot be seen. We thoroughly check each drywall piece to make sure there are no holes, marks or damaged pieces.

As we step into any project, we believe that preparation is the key to success. Alberta Colour Painting makes sure that all drywall screws and fasteners are properly driven below the surface of the drywall. We then tape the drywall joints which are done by taping about 1/2”-1” short of the corners, to leave enough space for the tape which is applied on the corners. Once all the tape is securely placed on, we use a drywall knife that is designed for mudding corners to press the tape firmly against the joint.

After the team at Alberta Colour Painting have completed the taping, the mudding needs to be completed. Water is added to the mud mix into a thin consistency to ensure smooth application on the drywall. Multiple coats are needed to ensure the drywall can be placed together correctly.

We provide professional service and exceptional results for drywall installation, taping and mudding. If you have any questions at all about drywall installation in Calgary, please reach out to Alberta Colour Painting.



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