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bedrroom painted with the best paints and materials, the bedroom is off-white colour with green curtains

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint Colour!

Picking the colour for the interior of your home can be extremely overwhelming. Flicking through magazines and looking at Pinterest for hours can make you feel inspired, but just as anxious about choosing the wrong colour. Feature walls, colour that matches your dream wallpaper, bright whites or dark colours, the list goes on. One of the many upsides to working with a professional, is they will help you through the overwhelming process of colour palettes. Below are some helpful tips that will help you make the right decision when choosing your interior colour.

1. Draw inspiration from somewhere!

Did you recently go on a holiday and fall in love with the decor and colour schemes in your Airbnb or resort? Or did you fall in love with a bright piece of furniture when browsing local furniture stores? Or maybe you have a wallpaper in mind that you want to have as your feature wall. Whatever your inspiration is, it is important to use that original core idea and allow your choices to filter out from there. Creating a mood board with your inspiration as the centre piece, will help you design your colour scheme of the room and choose your paint colours from there.

2. What kind of room is it and when is it used?

Will your newly renovated room be used in the morning, midday, afternoon or evening? Or is it a room that is used all day, everyday? The amount of natural light that your room receives is extremely important to remember when choosing your paint colours. If your room receives quite a lot of strong, direct sunlight during the day, then it might be a good idea to use a strong, bold colour to ensure that the room and paint don’t look washed out. If your room is darker and doesn’t receive much light, then it might be a good idea to use lighter, brighter colours to give the impression the room attracts more light and it’s bigger.

3. But does it spark joy?

It is very common to throw out, give away or refurbish your existing furniture for your newly renovated room. Are you keeping any of the existing furniture, cushions, decor or curtains? If these items are neutral coloured items, then whatever colour you choose for your room, probably won’t matter. However, if you are keeping or buying furniture that is extremely bold, pattern heavy or bright colours, you may like to either choose a more neutral colour for your walls, or use these furniture colours as inspiration when choosing your colour palette. It is much easier to pick a paint colour that goes with your decor and furniture, then it is to pick furniture and decor to go with your paint colour.

4. The psychology behind colour. What mood are trying to achieve?

It has been proven that psychology behind colours can help affect someones mood. Have you ever wondered why bedrooms are usually painted with soft shades like eggshell white, baby blue or light grey? These choice of colours have been proven to help create a calm, zen and inviting environment. In Feng Shui, colours are used to create particular moods, emotions and overall energy. The colour choices in your home may be different from your bedroom, to your lounge room, to your office. So channel your inner emotion and mood that you want to feel in that room, and choose a colour to reflect that.

5. Be aware of undertones!

The reason there are so many shades of white, beige, grey and black is because they all carry different undertones beneath them. Some shades will appear warmer with yellow undertones, while others are cooler with blue undertones. It is important to remember what colours you have in your room and to choose an undertone that reflects that. When you are choosing your paint colour, be sure to put all the colour samples next to each other so you are more inclined to see the undertones in all colours.

6. It’s not just about the wall!

When choosing the perfect colour for your walls, it is important to take into consideration your flooring and ceiling as well. If you have dark flooring, a darker wall colour may make the room seem smaller and dark. Where if you have lighter coloured flooring you could get away with painting your walls a darker colour. If you are replacing your current flooring with something entirely new, then it is important to match the floor, walls and ceiling together to ensure they don’t clash.

7. Tape colour swatches onto your walls

In a perfect world we would be able to take home 10 different types of paints to put them on your wall to test, but unfortunately that isn’t the best financial decision to make. However if you are stuck between colours, taping the colour swatches on to your walls will help you envision the colour in the room.

bedrroom painted with the best paints and materials, the bedroom is off-white colour with green curtains

The Do’s and Don’ts of Painting

For anyone who has painted their home before, they would absolutely agree with the fact that it isn’t as easy as it looks. We all think that we can grab a paint brush, slap on some paint and get working, however a good quality paint job requires a lot more work than that. For yournext paint job, it is important to ask yourself one of the most important key factors; ‘time & stress verses money & happiness. Hiring helpwith a professional painting company can not only eliminate stress completely, but they provide advice, inspiration and a high quality job that you may not receive when you attempt the DIY project. The below tips will help you with your next painting project and ensure you receive a result you have been dreaming of.

bedrroom painted with the best paints and materials, the bedroom is off-white colour with green curtains

The best products and materials to use in the house painting industry

When you research the supplies and materials that you need for interior or exterior painting, the list is endless. Primers, paints, rollers, stir sticks, trays, small and large brushes, tape, drop sheets, putty and more. With each item that you need when painting, comes hundreds of different brands and varieties, it is hard to know what to choose. It is important to use the best products and materials to ensure you receive a high quality result. Below are the best products and materials to use in the painting industry, to make your decisions that much easier.

bedrroom painted with the best paints and materials, the bedroom is off-white colour with green curtains

How to Paint Your Front Porch in Four Simple Steps

There is nothing wrong with keeping your front porch bare. But then, why lounge around on a porch that lacks character when you can just infuse a little life into it with some painting? As we step into summer, revitalizing your front porch can give the exterior of your home a complete makeover. If you are interested in giving your front porch a makeover, follow this easy guide.



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