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The Best Products And Materials To Use In The House Painting Industry

When you research the supplies and materials that you need for interior or exterior painting, the list is endless. Primers, paints, rollers, stir sticks, trays, small and large brushes, tape, drop sheets, putty and more. With each item that you need when painting, comes hundreds of different brands and varieties, it is hard to know what to choose. It is important to use the best products and materials to ensure you receive a high quality result. Below are the best products and materials to use in the painting industry, to make your decisions that much easier.



Sherwin Williams is a leading manufacturer of paints and other related products for a wide range of surfaces. With over 1500 products in their product line, they offer a wide range of options for any project you might be working on. Whether you need paint for walls, ceilings, exterior surfaces, or anything else, Sherwin Williams has a product that will be perfect for your needs.

One of the things that sets Sherwin Williams paints apart from other brands is their high quality. Their paints go on smoothly, with almost no splatter, and have been tested to ensure that they are resistant to fading and other damage from UV light. This means that you can trust that your paint job will last for a long time, even if it is exposed to the elements.

In addition to being of high quality, Sherwin Williams paints are also affordable. They offer a range of prices to suit different budgets, so you can find a product that fits your needs without breaking the bank. And with great coverage, you'll be able to get the job done faster and with fewer coats, saving you even more money in the long run.

Overall, Sherwin Williams is a reliable choice for any painting project, offering a wide range of products at affordable prices, with a focus on quality and durability. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, you can count on Sherwin Williams to provide the right product for your needs.Click here to visit Seerwin Williams

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a well-respected and trusted brand in the world of paints and coatings. Known for their high-end, luxurious paints, Benjamin Moore has earned a reputation as the go-to choice for both interior and exterior painting projects. Whether you're looking to spruce up the walls of your home or add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior, Benjamin Moore has a product that will suit your needs.

One of the things that sets Benjamin Moore apart from other paint brands is the wide range of finishes they offer. From flat to semi-gloss, you can choose the finish that best suits your project and personal style. And with a variety of colors and shades to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect match for your home

In addition to their high-quality paints, Benjamin Moore has also won numerous awards and accolades, including being voted the best paint for both interior and exterior use. This demonstrates their commitment to producing top-of-the-line products that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Whether you're an amateur painter or a professional, Benjamin Moore is a brand you can trust to provide the high-quality, luxurious paints you need to make any project a success. So, it is the best paint brand for both interior and exterior paint.Click here to visit BenjaminMoore


Cloverdale Paint is a family-owned paint company based in Canada that has gained a reputation for producing high-quality paints for both interior and exterior use. The company prides itself on offering exceptional service and products to its customers, and is dedicated to ensuring that they receive the best possible product for their painting projects.

Founded in Cloverdale, British Columbia, the company has grown quickly thanks to its commitment to its mission and vision. It has earned a reputation as one of the best paint brands to use for both interior and exterior projects, and is known for delivering exceptional results.

Whether you're looking to paint the walls of your home, refresh the exterior of your property, or tackle any other painting project, Cloverdale Paint is a reliable choice. Their commitment to quality and customer service, combined with their high-quality products, make them a trusted choice for any painting project.Click here to visit Cloverdale paint store


Whether you're reading up online, getting advice from a local paint store or listening to your professional paint company, you would probably have them tell you that Primer can be your best friend. A good quality primer can help prepare the area and help with problem areas before you paint. It is quite common that your walls could have issues with them, without you even knowing. From moisture, to water stains or mold, there is a primer out there for most situations. Speciality primers help in the assistance of ensuring your wall is ready and protected so your paint can ho on perfectly. Most paint brands will also specialise in a primer as well, so seek advice where you can. Some of the best primers are:

Multipurpuse Primer

Sherwin Williams Multipurpose Primer is a high-quality primer that offers excellent bonding capabilities, low viscosity, and fast drying times. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, but it is particularly effective when applied to preprimed MDF after using red glazing (Bondo) in new construction. Without the use of primer, these surfaces may "flash," or appear spotty and uneven. In addition, Multipurpose Primer is ideal for changing the color of surfaces that have been sprayed with solvent or waterborne lacquers. However, it is not as effective at blocking stains. Overall, Sherwin Williams Multipurpose Primer is a reliable choice when bonding and fast drying are required.


PVA Drywall Sealer Primer is an excellent choice for use on bare drywall surfaces. It dries quickly, covers a large area, and offers a high level of quality at a reasonable price. While there may be other primers on the market, PVA Drywall Sealer Primer offers excellent value for the price. It can be easily found at most hardware and paint stores, making it convenient to purchase. Overall, PVA Drywall Sealer Primer is a reliable choice for priming bare drywall.


Kilz Original Oil-Based Primer is a top-quality primer that excels at covering heavy stains and eliminating mold. As its name suggests, it is highly effective at "killing" these types of problems. In terms of performance, it is unmatched by any other primer on the market when it comes to covering heavy stains and eliminating odors. However, it does have some downsides, including slow drying times and the fact that it is oil-based, which can make it difficult to use in repaint projects where people are living in the space (even with proper ventilation). Despite these drawbacks, Kilz Original Oil-Based Primer remains the best choice for covering heavy stains and eliminating odors.

Metal Primer - Tremclad

Tremclad Oil-Based Primer is an excellent choice for metal surfaces, particularly when dealing with rust. This primer is specifically designed for use on metal and offers fast drying times and excellent coverage. While it may be slightly more expensive than other oil-based primers like Kilz Original, it is well worth the investment due to its superior performance on metal surfaces. Its fast drying and high-quality formula helps to prevent and cure rust, making it a reliable choice for protecting metal surfaces. Overall, Tremclad Oil-Based Primer is a top choice for metal surfaces and rust prevention.

Wall Supplies


Regardless of the area that you will be painting, it is so important you have good quality supplies and materials to receive a high quality result. When completing a paint job, one of the most important things is to have an extremely effective paint tape. Choosing tape is difficult, as you are inundated with different brands, lengths, thicknesses, colours and more. So it is important to do your research before hand. If you are hiring a professional company to complete your project, you will not need to worry as they will use the best of the best for your home. However, if you are completing a DIY job, doing some research before hand or asking advice from your local paint store, will ensure you get the best product. Give yourself an estimated timeline for the project and figure out how long the tape will be left on the walls. The longer the tape is left on the wall, the more likely it is to have paint dripping through the seems of the tape and paint. Some of the top brands are:FrogTap,IntertapeandShurtape, which will help with your painting project.

Sandpaper / Sanding blocks

Almost 99% of all painting jobs, need a little extra TLC on top of the paint itself. Quite often there is cracks, holes and scratches in the wall which needs to be fixed before moving forward. Sanding back, washing the walls and filling any holes with putty only means a better, smoother surface for your paint to go onNortonor3Msandpaper brands should help you achieve fantastic results.

Brushes and Roller

Many people don't realise that you need a variety of different sized rollers and a variety of different sized brushes. A basic wall simply cannot be painted with one painting brush or roller. With the combination of corners, trims, ceilings and skirting boards, it is best to have different sized brushes for all your needs.

If you are covering a large area of wall, it is great to use a larger roller. The great thing about rollers is that although they are an initial investment, you just need to replace the covers for any future jobs. Of course every situation, home and space is different, but quite often it is recommended to purchase the best roller depending on the material of your wall and effect you are after. The cover portion of each roller is called a ‘nap’ and it is important to use the appropriate sized nap to reflect your wall surface. Rollers usually range from 3/4” Naps, to 1/4” Naps and each size is used for different reasons. A thicker 3/4” nap roller is usually used for surfaces such as brick, stucco and decks, where a thinner 1/4” nap roller is used for a smoother finish on interior walls, metal or wood. Some of the best brands for paint rollers areWoosterBrush Company or HomeRightPaintStick

Brushes are just as important as rollers, to ensure you can reach difficult spots, corners, creases and for future touch ups. As we have mentioned before, it is extremely important to purchase a high quality brush to ensure bristles do not shed and that it leaves your wall with a smooth finish. Usually it is recommended that a 2” or 2 1/2” brush will accomplish all the needs of your walls, however depending on your surface, it is always a great idea to seek advice.Coronabrushes andPurdyClearcut have been deemed some of the best brushes to use when painting

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